Fleek R10 - Bone Conduction Headphones

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The Fleek "Bone Conduction Earphones rest directly on the listener’s cheekbones. Unlike traditional headphones and earbuds, the eardrum doesn’t vibrate to pass the information along to the cochlea. Instead, the vibrations from the bone conduction bee-lines for the cochlea.

Due to the lack of eardrum involvement, this technology is good for people with hearing deficiencies, as the bone conduction vibration acts in lieu of the eardrum."



Battery 180mah
USB Port Micro USB
Bluetooth Chipset CSR8633
BT Version 5
Connection Distance 10M
Frequency Range 20-20KHz
Receiving Sensitivty 88dBm
Talking Time 6H
Music Play 6H
Standby Time 10 days
Charging Time 2H