The decade we are living is the era of the technology lifestyle brands. From hardware to software and from public to startup companies, lifestyle messaging is front and center. The bigger companies like Google and Apple are expanding their lifestyle empires to other industries, like fashion, entertainment, home appliances and the automotive industry. 

As the newest technology brand, FLEEK will work to further enhance your experience through customized Lifestyle Technology products, striving to make your life simple and personalized, and bringing family and friends together through the power of technology for decades and beyond. 

The Internet of Things and wearables are about to integrate technology deeper in our lives and the core of every industry, impacting our lifestyle and aspirations. New working conditions and a nomadic way of life will change drastically our day to day lives and consumption habits. 

Launched in 2021, Fleek Lifestyle founder Richie de Quina has been using his visionary talent to augment new products the same way the smartphone intuitively revolutionized our lives forever. Imagine: any and everything from your personalized wearables, to health and wellness products, to mobile transport, to a state-of-the-art home entertainment, making these technology lifestyle products accessible to people and changing how we live life forever. 

FLEEK is backed by more than 50 years of technology and manufacturing experience thru our factory and partners from Shenzen China. A partnership forged thru mutual trust and respect of each companies experience in the field of Research and Development, Marketing and Business Development, Distribution and Logistics of Lifestyle Technology Products.

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